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French for all!

“French for all, whatever your culture or your origin!”

“French for all, whatever your culture or your origin!”

Learn French as Foreign Language (FFL) – Updating of existing French skills – Literacy

PRESTIGE INTERLANGUAGE offers French language courses to foreign people living in France. Based on the same teaching methodology as for the other languages, our courses are run by native French teachers.

Courses in French as a Foreign Language (FLE) are designed for non-francophone people who wish to learn French for cultural, personal, professional or touristic reasons.

Individual French lessons (one-to-one)

  • Personalised teaching approach according to your goal, your level of language proficiency, and your personal and professional projects.
  • We set up a French training programme that allows a rapid and significant increase in language skills while fitting in an agreed budget.
  • One-to-one courses give you flexibility; lessons can be arranged to suit your requirements and other personal/professional commitments. You choose your learning intensity and schedule.


Results obtained with one-to-one courses are remarkable and will substantially improve your French language communication skills. You are guaranteed to meet your personal and professional objectives!

Cours individuels

French as a Foreign Language training validated by the Bright or CLOE tests

  • Our courses are eligible for “CPF”(Personal Training Account) with CLOE test.

Courses to update individual French knowledge

Courses designed for native French people who are facing difficulties in spelling, grammar, punctuation … in both their private or professional life.
We also provide academic support
Being able to read and write gives you access to knowledge and information while developing your verbal skills!

Preparation for the “Robert certification”

  • The Robert certification validates your level in French spelling and French grammar
  • This certification is intended for recruiters who want reassurance about your level of French spelling
  • Reference to this certification on your CV might be an added value when applying for a job.