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High school & University students

PRESTIGE INTERLANGUAGE offers an innovative and fun learning method in collective or mini-groups classes.

PRESTIGE INTERLANGUAGE offers an innovative and fun learning method in collective or mini-groups classes.

Those courses are designed for high school and university students who need  improving their language skills for entrance in higher educational or preparatory classes; or to boost their level for exams; or to prepare for school interviews abroad.

Our fun language teaching method is mainly based on oral communication. We can adjust our programmes to the high school programme (general or technical) and then supplement them with various topics.

Concerning technical school students a training programme can be set up to include vocabulary specific to their chosen trade.

A personalized teaching approach according to your personal and professional learning objectives, and your level of language proficiency! Our learning programmes help you reach your goal rapidly and effectively, and within an agreed budget. You fit your language lessons in your personal or academic schedules. You choose the time and the intensity of your learning schedule and you can bring, or move your lessons forward whenever necessary.

Individual courses (one-to-one):

  • You learn faster and achieve quick progress.
  • This is a good option for those who need flexibility to fit their language lessons in their personal or academic schedules.
  • Results obtained with one-to-one courses are remarkable. You are guaranteed to achieve your training objectives!

Mini-group courses:

  • Students share the same level of language proficiency
  • An assessment of your language level of proficiency is done before you start your training.

Intensive and semi-intensive courses:

These courses are not only for students who wish to learn the language fast and achieve quick progress by activating and enhancing their already existing knowledge but also for those who want to refresh their knowledge of the language before attending regular lessons.

Preparation for TOEIC and TOEFL

Prepare the TOEIC with Prestige Interlanguage !

Prepare the TOEFL with Prestige Interlanguage !