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About us

Prestige Interlanguage | Your partner in foreign languages learning!

PRESTIGE INTERLANGUAGE is a language school located in Orléans (Loiret) and is fully accredited by DATADOCK, QUALIOPI and OPQF. We specialize in providing tailored language learning solutions to professionals and adults.


PRESTIGE INTERLANGUAGE has the ability to receive students with disabilities or, if necessary, can re-direct them to adapted organisations, associations.

(The public register of accessibility may be consulted at our secretariat)


Our range of courses includes individual (one-to-one), in pairs, in groups and intensive lessons. We also provide coaching for business presentations in foreign languages.

Our language programmes include: English, German, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, and French as a foreign language.

PRESTIGE INTERLANGUAGE runs refresher courses and literacy courses for French-speaking people.

Prestige Interlanguage accompagne les personnes en situation de handicap.

A qualified and experienced team

A trilingual management with several years of working experience in multinational companies in France and abroad. Experience in management and analysis of students training needs and objectives whatever their industry or their occupation.

Qualified and experienced native teachers : Our teaching team includes English, American, Spanish, German, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Russian, Portuguese and French teachers.

A comprehensive, dynamic and effective methodology

We use a communicative approach with emphasis on real-life situations to help learners improve their understanding of grammar, vocabulary and idioms

  • Active participation of students through specific real-life situations, role-plays and fun activities. You learn to speak and to practise the language and therefore make quick progress.
  • Priority to oral communication: our courses are tailored to maximise interaction in order to help you overcome the fear of expressing yourself in the chosen foreign language. You develop your communicative abilities.
  • Total immersion in a linguistic environment – you finally speak a foreign language : English, Spanish, Chinese, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese …


Our courses are flexible and whether you choose an intensive or an extensive learning programme, our methodology is based on a dynamic, innovative and effective approach. You learn whilst having fun !

Individual assessment of current level of language and tailored training courses

Before you start your course, we assess your current level of proficiency in the chosen language. This is a key part of the training to target individual needs and to set achievable training objectives.  Regular monitoring of progress is done throughout the training.

Depending on the funding method of your training and on your personal situation we require approximately 8 days to establish a training programme.

For information, and depending on the training course and its number of hours, the average cost may vary from 960€ to 3,600€ (before taxe).

Your training can be fully or partially funded by your « training individual account ». Please contact us for more information.

Our commitment

PRESTIGE INTERLANGUAGE is committed to providing top-quality services and to establishing a lasting partnership with you!

PRESTIGE INTERLANGUAGE in a few figures (2019):

  • 100% of students are satisfied with their training,
  • 66% of candidates for the TOEIC examination reached a score between 785 and 970 pts
  • 120 certifying tests throughout the year (Bright, Linguaskill, TOEIC)
  • 85% progress, performance (adequacy of predefined objectives and results)
  • 100% of students are very satisfied with the welcoming environment, the administrative follow-up, the friendly atmosphere and the premises.
  • Recommendation level : 100%!

Prestige Interlanguage, the reference school for language learning in Orléans and the Centre Region of France!

“Our vocation is to identify your needs in terms of language improvement. We are committed to creating customized and relevant language training, helping you not just to achieve your business and personal objectives but to surpass them !”