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"Speaking Dutch could be a catalyst for finding an international job or for winning new export markets."

Over 25 million people worldwide speak Dutch, the official language in the Netherlands and Belgium (with French and German).

Modern Dutch is strongly influenced by other languages such as German, French, and English, with a rich vocabulary.

The Netherlands are a modern and dynamic nation open to foreign investors. Many international firms have established their head-office either in Belgium or in the Netherlands, particularly in Antwerp (the 2nd largest port in Europe and the 4th largest port in the world) and Rotterdam (the busiest port in Europe). As the Netherlands sixth supplier and third client, France remains a key trading partner.

Speaking Dutch could be a catalyst for finding an international job or for winning new export markets. For any professional career in the Netherlands or in Belgium not only you have to master English but you also have to be able to communicate in Dutch.

Individual Dutch lessons (one-to-one)

  • Personalised teaching approach according to your goal, your level of language proficiency, and your personal and professional projects.
  • We set up a Dutch training programme that allows a rapid and significant increase in language skills while fitting in an agreed budget.
  • One-to-one courses give you flexibility; lessons can be arranged to suit your requirements and other personal/professional commitments. You choose your learning intensity and schedule.


Results obtained with one-to-one courses are remarkable and will substantially improve your Dutch language communication skills. You are guaranteed to meet your personal and professional objectives!

(Choice of topics)

Cours individuels

Intensive/Semi-intensive Dutch courses

  • Courses designed for those who wish to boost their Dutch level quickly, and activate or consolidate their already existing knowledge of the language.
  • Choice of topics; General Dutch classes and Business Dutch classes tailored to meet your needs and objectives.


Dutch training validated by the Bright test

  • BRIGHT test at the end of the training