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Professionals, Managers and Employees

PRESTIGE INTERLANGUAGE offers dedicated business and professional language courses.

PRESTIGE INTERLANGUAGE offers dedicated business and professional  language courses. On these courses you will study a range of vocabulary associated with your business or trade.

PRESTIGE INTERLANGUAGE runs courses for different sectors of activity: industry, IT, logistics, finance (banking and insurance), mutual health insurance, retail, R&D, medical, trade, environment, pharmaceutical industry, cosmetic, agri-food industry, agriculture, tourism industry ….

PRESTIGE INTERLANGUAGE enhances language ability of professionals from various skills and trades:

Purchasing, commercial, finance, human resources, training, logistics, communication and marketing, secretarial, project managers, engineering, medical, sciences, consulting …

Face to face training

Individual courses (one-to-one):

  • You learn faster and achieve quick progress.
  • This is a good option for those who need flexibility to fit their language learning in their busy schedule.
  • Results obtained with one-to-one courses are remarkable and substantially improve your language communication skills. You are guaranteed to achieve your training objectives!

Intensive and semi-intensive courses

These courses are for professionals who wish to learn the language fast and achieve quick progress:

  • by activating and enhancing your already existing knowledge of the language
  • by quickly updating your existing knowledge of the language.

These courses are also for people who want a quick refreshment of their existing knowledge of the language before attending regular lessons.

According to your choice and/or your situation, our courses can take place either at your workplace or in PRESTIGE INTERLANGUAGE premises at SAINT JEAN DE BRAYE (near ORLEANS).

Small-group courses

Students share the same level of language proficiency

Distance-learning courses

Telephone and/or SKYPE courses for professionals

Those courses are designed for people with a very busy schedule who travel extensively as part of their work and use the telephone as an everyday work tool.
(Minimum level: intermediate).


Mixt courses: individual (one-to-one) courses combined with  telephone courses


Blended-learning: individual (one-to-one) courses combined with e-learning

Depending on the target language your training can be certified and eligible for the “Personal Training Account”

TOEIC, Linguaskill, BRIGHT, Voltaire Certificate…


PRESTIGE INTERLANGUAGE can help professionals, managers and employees find the funding scheme that is best suited to their personal situation.

For further information, please contact us : +33 2 79 79 96 00