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"Arabic is spoken in most parts of the Arabian Peninsula, parts of Middle East and North Africa”

Arabic-speaking nations are fast growing markets for trade – strong economic, cultural and political relations exist between France and the Arab world.

Whether it is for business, pleasure, or travel, learning Arabic will give you a profound understanding of the Arab world and its distinct culture and traditions. There is a high demand for, but, a low supply of Arabic speakers in the Western world, therefore the ability to speak Arabic could open up quite a number of potential new business opportunities.

Arabic has an alphabet of 28 letters, very few of them are vowels, reading and writing is from right to left. Learning Arabic can often be quite a challenge to Westerners, but it is also extremely rewarding!

There are two main types of Arabic language:

  • Spoken Arabic (also known as “Colloquial Arabic” or “Arabic Dialects”)– Different dialects from one region to another) there are nine different dialects, the most widely used being Egyptian and Levantine.
  • Literary Arabic (also known as “Modern Standard Arabic”) – it is the official Arabic language and it is spoken in exactly the same way across the whole of the Arab world.

Individual Literary Arabic lessons (one-to-one)

  • Personalised teaching approach according to your goal, your level of language proficiency, and your personal and professional projects.
  • We set up an Arabic training programme that allows a rapid and significant increase in language skills while fitting in an agreed budget.
  • One-to-one courses give you flexibility; lessons can be arranged to suit your requirements and other personal/professional commitments. You choose your learning intensity and schedule.


Results obtained with one-to-one courses are remarkable and will substantially improve your Arabic language communication skills. You are guaranteed to meet your personal and professional objectives!

(Choice of topics)

Cours individuels

Cours collectifs

Collective Literary Arabic Courses: in pairs or in mini-groups (on request)

Assessment of your Arabic level before you start your training to ensure that you join a group of the same Arabic level as you (collective Arabic courses are run according to the schedule, availability and number of participants).


By joining our courses you will:

  • Benefit from a group interactive participation
  • Practise interactive learning of the language
  • Develop your listening and speaking skills
  • Improve your spontaneity in language communicative abilities

Intensive/Semi-intensive Literary Arabic courses (on request)

  • Courses designed for those who wish to boost their Arabic level quickly, and activate or consolidate their already existing knowledge of the language.
  • Choice of topics; General OR Business Arabic classes tailored to meet your needs and objectives.


Literary Arabic training validated by the LILATE test